Brandon Drake

My primary goal is to engage in 1v1 chats to understand each other's businesses thoroughly, fostering mutual support for business growth.



My Business Networking Mantra

I strive to create a "blue zone" business community, which I believe is a reflection of the incredible blue zones found around the world. These areas are known for having a high number of centenarians, and there's a common thread that ties them together - a strong sense of community and support among their residents.

In my own "blue zone" business community, I've been dedicated to creating a similar atmosphere. Just like those thriving regions, our success is rooted in fostering connections and nurturing one another. I firmly believe that by staying connected and offering our unwavering support, we can ensure the continuous growth and vitality of our businesses. Think of it as a virtual rendition of the blue zones concept.

I'm committed to tending to our digital "blue zone," making sure it flourishes much like a garden of diverse and vibrant seeds. Each member in our community contributes their valuable ideas and talents, and it's my privilege to help these seeds bloom.